A Safe Genius Kids Childcare

Genius Kids Early Childhood Educational Center ensures your child is in a safe, healthy and secure environment at all times. We are located on Golf Road in a beautiful new centre that incorporates environmentally friendly materials and technologies. We have an abundance of natural lighting and a spacious playground that faces fresh views and the outer world. With our indoor-outdoor setting, we encourage your child to develop a healthy relationship with nature.

The Role of Whanau

It’s important to us that we have collaborative, reciprocal communications with family in meaningful ways. Parents are welcome to spend time with their children in the learning environment. We value the partnership with parents and caregivers in their children’s learning, aspirations and development.

The family culture is valued and respected and the parent is considered the child’s first teacher. Parents are highly respected and valued in our classrooms. They are encouraged to participate in the program as much as they would like to; even sharing their talents, hobbies and time with the children.

The Role of the Environment

The learning environment at Genius Kids Early Childhood Educational Center reflects our values in both the natural and sustainable worlds. We embrace the bicultural practice and also value the diversity within our learning community.

Holistic Development

We believe in the holistic development of mind, body and soul and seek ways for children to grow in these aspects through various meaningful learning experiences within the environment and wider community.

Our First Enrolled Family